Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sing me to sleep

Since the time has changed, my sleep pattern has been really fucked up. It is such a silly thing to do nowadays, don't you think? I surely do.
Anyway, so i cannot sleep, which means I listen to Caribou and The Strokes and smoke too much cigarettes. 
And think about life, of course. A lot of things have happened recently. I met new   People, fell in love a bit, twice actually, had my favourite backpack probably stolen, written paper for the uni and stuff. Drank too much club mate and coffee, just the usual, lots of beer too, actually.
Berlin has been really rainy and gloomy, so I take too much naps throughout the day too. 
But anyways, I am cool, life is cool, Berlin is cool. Literally. And I am glad to live here, really. Eventhough I miss my friends, it has been a right decision to do, No regretts, really. 
I hope you are cool too! 

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