Saturday, 30 May 2015


I was kinda tipsy the other day when i decided to order some tattoo needles and ink. Mostly because of Odinn, friend of my flatmate who is staying with us for a week. He does that and i liked it. Desperately wanted to try it too. So, as easy as it was, ordered all the neccessities from amazon and waited. It arrived today, so after eating pancakes for breakfast, drinking beer and a bit of vodka, we got into it. My first one was done by Odinn, It is a simple circle on my ankle. This spot hurt like shit though. It turned out very beautiful, my favourite tattoo on me so far. You know, there is this thing about stick'n'poke, it is much more important by whom it is done and it is so much more personal too. You gotta keep it simple, Obviously. SO the next one done by me on me is a simple shape of almost triangle. > like this, only on my arm, pointing down. It is a mountain to be climbed. It is memories. It is simplicity at its best. Love it. So if you wanna a free tattoo, let me know.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Head above

As i am writing this post i am drunk on wine and stoned. It is great though. So many things happened i cannot or do not want to really talk about because it is not sure yet, if they will really work out. I feel great though. Met my friends and new people, got drunk with islanidc people /never doing that again though/. Danced a lot, got stoned and other drugs-wise high, drunk. Went to see Astronautalis, got a tattoo idea on my arm drawn by him. Went to K.Flay gig. It was great. Smoked way too much. Slept just a little. Everything feels just about right though, gotta admit and appreciate that. Berlin is great people, i am telling you.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


aka got into yoga again, ordered new work out clothes and am completely happy about that!ps. some progress pics included too.
pss. no make up whatsoever, so do not freak out, hehe.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

webcam update // all the singe ladies

yeahhh. still without phone and camera.
BUT! I ordered one actually. it is super cute and small and takes rather weird photos but we will see.
Anyway. I am doing fine. so many things happened i cannot even believe it. 
i have been back in berlin for a while again. met the loveliest @fables22 again. we chilled in mauerpark, drank red wine and talked like loads. it was extremely lovely.
today i went to mauerpark, met some friends then got stoned with random people as usual and now i am listening to beyonce stoned as fuck. haha. definition of the berlin life pretty much.
everything feels like summer.
i started doing yoga again and it is the best! doing it with a youtube channel called yogawithadrienne and it is super good, just half an hour a day, maybe a bit more. it really does wonders to my back. so that is pretty cool.
also, i cleaned my room the other day so it look extremely nice now. it really does feel like home here. more home than anywhere else, sadly. but yeah, that is another story.
i have big things coming up in my life so hoepfully it is gonna be all good. fingers crossed, right.
so have a nice week and stuff and see you again with my new camera!


Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Another serie of shitty photos but you know what? That's life. 
Anyway, I am back in Berlin, for good. With no money whatsoever. But I am kinda used to it meanwhile. So I bought three apples and will live off of them today.
Everything seems to be in its right place again, I am not a drugs virgin anymore. That is why Friday was such a fun and why I kept dancing untill 5am. And could not fall asleep for another hour or so.
I was woken up by Sufjan Stevens which was extremely lovely.
Also, I do desperately need a new camera, since my phone broke down and I cannot find the charger for my camera.
Or I will take analogue pics only. Which would be reaally cool, only if it was not so pricy and time consuming.
So, if you happen to have a camera you do not need anymore (I would take anything, really), just let me know. I would give you something in return, ofc.
My room back in Berlin does look a bit more spacious since I reorganized things and stuff, so that is really cool and I am really happy about that.
Give a listen to the new Sufjan Stevens album I have already ordered a record, which I am super excited about.
I am reading 'Der Himmel unter Berlin' by Jaroslav Rudiš again. This book basically brought me to Berlin. I love it a lot.
I hope you folks are doing fine, I have actually a lot of exciting things going one which I do not want to speak about right now, since it's still pretty unsure where it is gonna lead.
So yea, have a great rest of the week and take care!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bits and bops

My phone broke down. It was just a question of time, to be honest. It sucks anyway. So the only pictures are from my webcam, since I cannot find my camera. Hehe. Deal with it, folks. So yea, this is me rocking my new Topshop clothes and later on, new hair. 
Do you like it?

Monday, 4 May 2015

Don't tell my mom!

Yeah, I did it again. No regrets tho. Another breakup, another tattoo, right? It's so beautiful and meaningful to me. Cassiopeia between my freckles. Stars, universe, infinity.