Saturday, 30 May 2015


I was kinda tipsy the other day when i decided to order some tattoo needles and ink. Mostly because of Odinn, friend of my flatmate who is staying with us for a week. He does that and i liked it. Desperately wanted to try it too. So, as easy as it was, ordered all the neccessities from amazon and waited. It arrived today, so after eating pancakes for breakfast, drinking beer and a bit of vodka, we got into it. My first one was done by Odinn, It is a simple circle on my ankle. This spot hurt like shit though. It turned out very beautiful, my favourite tattoo on me so far. You know, there is this thing about stick'n'poke, it is much more important by whom it is done and it is so much more personal too. You gotta keep it simple, Obviously. SO the next one done by me on me is a simple shape of almost triangle. > like this, only on my arm, pointing down. It is a mountain to be climbed. It is memories. It is simplicity at its best. Love it. So if you wanna a free tattoo, let me know.

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