Thursday, 30 April 2015

Long time no see

I have been to Prague, worked in a hotel, met my lovely friends, had a friend over here in Berlin, was busking in Mauerpark, met cool musicians and people, had a good time with a lovely guy, cooked dinner for him, met other guys, had a good time with them too, met Tom. Life is good, Berlin starts feeling like the summer is in the city. Bought an uke, learning to play it. Drank too much beer and club mate, stole a cool ashtray, ridden bike completely shitfaced, nearly crashed to a tree, felt beautiful for a while. Got stoned, ate ice cream. Thought of startiing new blog with good quality photos. Went to uni, met my best friend again after a long time, napped in Görli, cried because I am missing my sis. Met cool Australians, talked about wanting to learn surfing. Spilled a benefit blush on my flatmates carpdt which looked like blood. Had weird dreams, got a gym membership, started drawing again, was thinking about recording a demo, played my own so gs on the street, bought new lovely clothes, took a walk in the nature, met the loveliest girl ob earth, went to The Districts, Botanist and Matthew E White gigs, started being reckless and independent again and most importantly, was enjoying life to the most!