Thursday, 12 March 2015

Escaping Berlin: Aachen

I made a little trip to western Germany to visit my lovely aunt and it was great! Lots of food, good wine and sightseeing. Nice weather and lovely people. Heading to Amsterdam today, so I thought I would make a little post about the beautiful Aachen. Eventhough I had to take a 10-hours-trip by bus to get there from Berlin, it was totally worth it! It is a very old city where Karel IV. The Czech King who is pretty much famous got his crown and position. I really like it here, especially in the spring because there's lots of beautiful cafes and things to do when it is sunny. Even if it is just sitting in the sun, enjoying the view haha. So here are a few photos I made :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


We sneaked in into abandoned Spreepark in Berlin-Treptow and it was great! Lots of creepy things and sounds included! Very cool place, alghough I would never ever go there at night, haha. Creepy as fuck. Enjoy! 

Escaping Berlin: Hamburg!

It was a Sunday evening, I was lying in my bed and thinking what am I going to do tomorrow, so I decided to go to Hamburg for a one-day-trip kinda thingy. I met some cool australian guys, got drunk ( yea, free tequila shots included ) and had a lot of fun! It made me realize how much I love Berlin though.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Playing on the street

I decided to be brave and play on the street yesterday. It was fun! Lovely people and I even made some money haha! Gonna do this more often in the future! 

Escaping Berlin: Prague

Last weekend I happened to be in Prague, my beloved city, because of my friend's birthday party. It was nice as always, really great weather and stuff and I finally met my cousin again and it was really nice. So ye I also took some pictures :) 

Have a great Sunday then!