Sunday, 1 March 2015


So i decided for no reason (maybe just because I take too much selfies in general) to do some outfit post. It is just a few outfits I have worn over the past few weeks. So yea, enjoy and stuff. 

Dress and tights from Primark, 5€ or something.
I lost this beanie at a club. Sad.
In love with this coat from New Yorker.
Night out outfit.
Flower crown from Primark.
I have not relly worn this, just trying out the new bra from H&M.
Dress and shoes from Primark, jacket second hand.



Vsechny jsou super! Klasicka trapna otazka - nebylo ti zima ?:D
Prosim vic takovych postu, konecne nekdo kdo mi svym stylem vyhovuje a opravdu se od nej mohu inspirovat!.))

Teresa Vondrackova said...

Dekuju! Nene, nebyla, nosim jeste kabat a cepice a spoustu vrstev!