Sunday, 12 April 2015

10 cool things about being single

Since I have been single for more than two months now, I gathered some benefits of being on your own:

1) You can look like a mess all.the.time. Really, no make-up days become a serious part of your life, cause your flatmates know how you look in the morning and noone else cares.
2) You can smoke, drink, do drugs because there is noone around who would tell you how bad it is for you, except for your mum obviously. But she doesn't live with you, does she?
3) Your room can look like a mess too, cause only you live in there.
4) You do not have to shave! Yay.
5) You do not have to explain where have you been all evening.
6) You can enjoy all the free drinks dudes at bars get you. 
7) Flirtung. Nuff said.
8) You have more time for yourself so you can indulge in the activities you have always wanted to do but never had time for. Like skating, haha. Or studying. And you take a lot more care of yourself too, Lush shopping is your new cardio.
9) You do not have to tell someone where you are going, who are you gonna meet. You can be spontanious.
10) You are free as you have never been.

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