Friday, 10 April 2015

Escaping Berlin: Prague 2

Actually this post should rather be called escaping home, because I do not have reasons to escape Berlin anymore, yet still I do it. I was two days at home, seen my granny and stuff but I could not stay there anymore, it is simply so boring. So I was really glad when a friend of mine called me if I had time for some work, yea surely did I. And that is why I am spending the two last weeks of my free time before uni starts again in Prague, my beloved city. 
I work in a hotel as a receptionist and it is really cool. There are cool posh ovepriced rooms hahah, I am lucky to not have to pay for it ofc. 
I met lot of my friends I have not seen since summer, my cousins, met new people, it is lovely and I really enjoy it. 
I even had a lovely dinner with my ex-boyfriend haha, so we are cool again I guess. We talked a lot, it felt nice.
Anyway, I am looking forward to returning to B town since I am supposed meet someone and am super extremely mega excited about that haha. 
So I hope you are all doing good, that you are cool and do not have troubles or something, cause I did, a lot actually haha. But nothing major.
So take care my lovely readers! 

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