Monday, 16 February 2015

In love with Food in Berlin

So, I do like to eat. I do not eat meat and try to cut off all animal products again, because it feels good and natural.
Since I've been living in Berlin, I started discovering cool cafes and restaurants, so I've decided to show you a bit and give you a few recommendations.
The cool thing about Berlin city is, that you can get almost anything in a vegan/vegetarian version, obviously, which is pretty good. 
Alright, enough talking, check out the following pictures:

The first place I would like to present to you is my uni mensa, the veggie one. I eat there a lot, since it is rather cheap and you get huuuge portions (see on the picture)
I ate this cool veggie tofu burger on my birthday  near Alexanderplatz, it was lovely and they played The Beatles!
My birthday cake at Milch&Zucker at Oranienstra├če. Great food and beverages. Ps. This cake was like chocolatey heaven. 
Another cake, at Kaffeebar near to Maybachufer. Cool design and great food! 
A turkish restaurant in Wrangelstr. where they serve brunch from nine to three. Lovely, Cheap and fresh o-juice. Great hangover cure. Plus, it is like 20 metres from my flat.
Cake at Milch&Zucker again. Love.
My mensa again, hummus bun & Alpro.
We also got loads of cool organic and bio shops, they are quite expensive, but it is totally worth it in my opinion.
Vegan pizza. No words needed.
Another morning combo.

So I hope you enjoyed ut, the next time, it will be all about the food I cook and stuff, stay tuned!

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