Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Because LUSH makes me happy

So I stopped by at Lush once again and as you can imagine, my wallet is crying now and I will only eat bread the next weeks, but it was so worth it.
I would really like to thank the lovely Mary, who patiently listened to my story and told me not to be sad and to shop something nice. So I did.

The first product I bought was this make up, I had a sample of it the last time I was there and I have to admit that it is probably the best make-up I have ever owned. It is not drying your skin out, covers a lot and you can even mix it with any cream to make its coverage not so heavy. So, really glad to have this.
Colour: Dark yellow.
The next thing is The Grease Lighting (don't you just love the name?). It is like a invisible serum against any kinds of blemishes and it makes your skin super soft. I gotta admit it also works really well.
This tonic smells like roses and is cleaning and great for sensitive skin.
The next is my probably all time favourite Lush product, the Mask of Magnaminty. It helps me to concentrate and calm down while studying, also, to not fall asleep hehe. 
This is a blueberry fresh mask, it is really nice, smells nice and makes your face clean and soft.
Another fun thing - the shower jelly. Yes, it really is a jelly and I love it!
And it is bluuuue!
This shower gel makes me just really happy hippy and it smells like grapefruit!
Another fun thing - a shower bomb you can make into all different shapes.
Oh, I love this one (it is nearly empy by now). Soft lips and great taste. Yes, you can actually eat it. Love.
In my opinion, the Charity pot is a great and lovely cream! Smells nice and all the money is for supporting projects and charity, thumbs up!
My first shampoo from Lush is pretty cool.
It has small coconut flakes in it which provide your hair with coconut oil and make them silky smoooth. 
Speaking of hair, I also got some chocolatey brown henna block, it lasts for two usings and lasts about 3-6 months in your hair. Can't wait to try it out. Maybe I will do a small tutorial about it. What do you think?
As next we have this Toner/Cleaning water. I love it so much, it clears your skin and it smells like the sea!

The Mask of magnaminty again.

The blueberry fresh mask.

The Charity pot again.

So all in all I am very very happy indeed with all the products I bought, thank you Lush!


anet said...

hezký! už se těším na bafög :D

Adriana said...

Jako podle mě toho máš zbytečně moc, přebytky mi radši pošli ;-)
Lush často kupuju kamarádkám jako dárky, ale sobě nikdy. Neobjednat si právě conversky a neodsoudit se tak k chlebu a vodě na konci měsíce, tak se tam snad pro něco hned stavím. Škoda, že není cítit, jak to všechno voní takhle přes blog.