Sunday, 14 June 2015


I have met a lot of different people throughout my life. Some of them I barely noticed, some of them I will never forget. 
You know, they say that whenever you get to know someone new, he or she is going to teach you something new. Something you have not been able to do before. Or something you did not know before. I have to admit it has been more than true in my lifeso far. 
It is kind of odd - I mean, isn't it a mere coincidence after all? Like whom do you get to know properly and who just passes by in your life and then disappears forever without even having a chance to lead a real conversation. 

And how come we are attracted both mentally and physically just to certain people? I understand, there is probably not enough time to get to know everyone who walks into your life properly, yet still, why?
I have to say, I do not really understand the science behind it. 
Is it synchronicity? Were we at the same time in the same place? Isn't that more of a coincidence though? And if so, is there still some strange power guiding us towards each other, besides it being an accordance?
I honestly have no idea.

But I know how it feels. How it feels like when you just meet someone completely new, a stranger better to say, and you know right away this person is special. That there is something about him or her you want to get to know closer. Like there is a treasure burried inside them that you want to discover.
So you take the risk and decide to speak to them and suddenly you are best friends or lovers or soulmates, experiencing the same shit in your life at the very particular moment. 
Isn't it just suspicious? Who directs us together? And why?
Are we choosing our paths ourselves or is it path of our own fate that is guiding us?
Is there any chance we can trick or fool fate? Is it really all the little decisions we make during the day that eventually bring us together?
Is it possible, to find out?

I am not sure. We can suppose, suggest, believe, try to explain .. But we will never be able to understand this occurance properly. We will never be sure what is the cause of all this. We can only speculate because we know the effects. Everyone knows them; This weird exciting feeling you get when you see someone like that. And I am not talking love or sexual attraction only, this could apply to any kind of relationship we have in our lives.

Is it really destiny, are we already destined to experience certain things with certain poeple before we even know?

This has been simply bothering for some time now. I have been thinking about everything a lot lately. I have a lot of stressful things going on in my life at the moment. But not only stressful in bad way, there are plenty thigs that are stressing me for the good too.
After all, isn't everything eventually for the good only? I mean, often when I look back at some things that happened to me a few years ago which I thought were the worst things ever, it has always been for the good in the end. I just did not see it right away. I was not able to do so. But I am capable of seeing it now and I have to say, everything shitty has been for the good in my life so far.
It has been lessons I have learned, which I am never going to forget. 
It might have been uneasy back then but it made me the person I am now. It made me stronger, wiser and more experienced, of course. 
Everybody always has to figure out him or herself. There is nothing like tutorial to the least complicated happy life. No such a thing. 
And it is alright, that there is nothing like that.

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