Sunday, 17 May 2015

webcam update // all the singe ladies

yeahhh. still without phone and camera.
BUT! I ordered one actually. it is super cute and small and takes rather weird photos but we will see.
Anyway. I am doing fine. so many things happened i cannot even believe it. 
i have been back in berlin for a while again. met the loveliest @fables22 again. we chilled in mauerpark, drank red wine and talked like loads. it was extremely lovely.
today i went to mauerpark, met some friends then got stoned with random people as usual and now i am listening to beyonce stoned as fuck. haha. definition of the berlin life pretty much.
everything feels like summer.
i started doing yoga again and it is the best! doing it with a youtube channel called yogawithadrienne and it is super good, just half an hour a day, maybe a bit more. it really does wonders to my back. so that is pretty cool.
also, i cleaned my room the other day so it look extremely nice now. it really does feel like home here. more home than anywhere else, sadly. but yeah, that is another story.
i have big things coming up in my life so hoepfully it is gonna be all good. fingers crossed, right.
so have a nice week and stuff and see you again with my new camera!


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