Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Another serie of shitty photos but you know what? That's life. 
Anyway, I am back in Berlin, for good. With no money whatsoever. But I am kinda used to it meanwhile. So I bought three apples and will live off of them today.
Everything seems to be in its right place again, I am not a drugs virgin anymore. That is why Friday was such a fun and why I kept dancing untill 5am. And could not fall asleep for another hour or so.
I was woken up by Sufjan Stevens which was extremely lovely.
Also, I do desperately need a new camera, since my phone broke down and I cannot find the charger for my camera.
Or I will take analogue pics only. Which would be reaally cool, only if it was not so pricy and time consuming.
So, if you happen to have a camera you do not need anymore (I would take anything, really), just let me know. I would give you something in return, ofc.
My room back in Berlin does look a bit more spacious since I reorganized things and stuff, so that is really cool and I am really happy about that.
Give a listen to the new Sufjan Stevens album I have already ordered a record, which I am super excited about.
I am reading 'Der Himmel unter Berlin' by Jaroslav Rudiš again. This book basically brought me to Berlin. I love it a lot.
I hope you folks are doing fine, I have actually a lot of exciting things going one which I do not want to speak about right now, since it's still pretty unsure where it is gonna lead.
So yea, have a great rest of the week and take care!

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